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Regulatory Compliance

Navigating the murky waters of the U.S. regulation of the blockchain industry is a challenge like no other. My goal is to provide clarity and path to scale without worrying about losing your business due to regulatory activity. I will work with you to create a compliance plan that takes into account both federal and state regulations.

General Counsel

Whether you need to form a new business entity, raise capital, hire employees, or protect your intellectual property, you need a trusted legal advisor and strategist to help you face the legal and business challenges that all companies face. For startups, I have served as a co-founder for hire. For scaling companies, I have have focused on strategic project and serving as an outside general counsel.

Technical Consulting

I have advised blockchain projects on the technical and strategic aspects of token design, network configuration, and development teams and processes. Having worked closely with developers and engineers over the past seven years, I have been able to serve projects needing product design and management services.


About Alex Mejias


Alex Mejias has been serving companies in the blockchain industry since early 2018. Bringing a deep knowledge of the technical underpinnings of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, Alex has provided strategic, technical, and legal guidance to startups building on top of public and private blockchain networks. Since beginning his blockchain law practice, Alex has appeared in various media outlets, spoken at Richmond’s first blockchain conference, and provided training to professionals on cryptocurrencies.

Alex Mejias has a calm, professional demeanor that conveys compassion. He is able to convert my fears into productive questions and actions with minimal disruption to others. Because of his experience with the technology world, Alex has a realistic sense of the dynamic legal framework around cryptocurrency and blockchain and is able to think strategically. Alex has a good head on his shoulders and is straightforward but not arrogant. I appreciate his responsiveness and thoroughness. I’ve come to trust Alex quite a bit, and it feels good to have him in my corner.
— Louise Reed, Owner of Afloat

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